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“And all mine are thine and thine are mine and I am glorified in them,” John 17:10.

Our church, True Hope, was dimissed on Saturday night so I wasn’t worried when it started sleeting Sunday morning. On Monday it snowed all day leaving around four inches, so no school for another four days.

I remember back in 1962, when my sister, Christine Clayton, was a Senior in Ava High. They missed so many snow days that they went to school on Saturdays.

Gary and I went to Ava Tuesday to visit with his mother, Maxine Turner and sister, Vicki Goodman. While we were there Vicki’s son, Dallas Conn, came.

Thursday Ralph and Dana Brazeal visited with John, Zamber and Cole Little and Wyatt and Liviya Wharton in Ava.

Have a great week.

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