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March 4 – Just when we were thinking spring was just around the corner, the icy conditions have moved in.

Sylvia Carson and daughter, Theresa, visited me while they were here from Illinois last week, and they had lunch with Edith McKinnon in town and with Sylvia’s sisters, Camille and Anita.

Easter comes a little later this year on April 20, and it’s now seven weeks away.

Charles Maddox has been on the prayer list, and Sunday was taken to Baxter Regional Medical Center. Bob Arnett had heart bypasses and came home from Springfield Friday doing really well.

We thank the workers who try to keep our roads open during the worst of winter for all emergency travels.

Birds are really busy eating all the bird feed we can put out for them. Since I can’t fill my regular feeders in the regular places, as I don’t get out in the ice, I have been throwing it on the ground for them.

Granddaughter Dana and husband Chet have an increase of five puppies born to their Yorkie mother March 1, and of course, they get a lot of attentio.

The traffic has been very slow on Highway 160, but is picking up today.

More news next week if possible.

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