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Sunday, March 16 was the Second Sunday in Lent.  Unfortunately it was also the day of another ice and snow storm.  A small, but hardy group showed up for church, but by service time the rain had turned to freezing so Bishop Hartley opted to do a brief service then dismiss.  During Lent we replace Morning Prayer with the Litany or General Supplication for God’s mercy so we did the Litany and one hymn then dismissed.  The Litany is a chanted service and chanting is a very ancient form of Christian worship which I find to be very spiritually healing; anyone who wishes to experience this ancient form of worship is welcome to join us during Lent.

Saturday the 15th was another Springfield Symphony concert so I joined Chandler Connell at Gilardi’s for our usual excellent pre-concert dinner then went to hear the concert with a young Chinese-American pianist, Sean Chen from California, who played the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 and played beautifully.  The audience was so enthusiastic that the conductor, Kyle Pickett, asked Sean to do an encore and he performed a Chopin piece.  Then the orchestra played the Sibelius Symphony No. 1, a beautiful romantic piece which was new to me, but quite wonderful.

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