Well due to the weather we had no church services on Sunday at Walnut Grove Church. On Saturday night, I attended church services at the Ava Assembly Of God Church, and I really enjoyed the worship with them.

Delmar has been busy clearing the driveway and I have been busy with laundry, cooking, and sewing. During the week, we did some visiting with Nora Hunsaker, Lee Williams, Bill and Geraldeen Carter, Steve, Danny and Robin Carter.

I visited at McDonald’s with the ladies a couple of times. I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she tells me that Uncle Hugh Morris is not doing very good, he seems to be restless and sometimes in quite a lot of discomfort. I just wish I was closer so I could visit them more.

I talked to Howard Morris by phone, and he got the stitches out of his hand and is doing better with that, but is now having some trouble with his back from a fall on the ice.

Well, the snow is beautiful, but I could use some green leaves and grass to look at for a change. Not complaining, just a suggestion.

Until next week stay warm and healthy.

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