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Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Helen Batten, preacher’s wife, celebrated a birthday, today March 16.  Rick and Helen sang, “More, More about Jesus”.  Bro. Rick thanked everyone who helped with the dinner for Lola and Roy Dennis’ family with the passing of Lola.  She will certainly be missed by all who knew her.  We had quite a day on Sunday with the sudden snow storm, and some going in the ditch on the way home. On March 9, many of the church members went to the movies to watch, “Son of God”.  Recent birthdays:  Tabby Raney, Kaye Garrison, David Housley, Ronnie Prock, Max Guilliams, Shelby Housley, and Helen Batten.  Recent prayer requests:  Darrel and Bernice Price, Lois Flageolle, Shelby Moore, Vic Mills and his sons, Del Davis, Donnie McIntosh family, Presley Flesisher, Richard Mitchell, Jan Marler’s grandson, Marshall Yates, Lois’ friend Amy, Phyllis Virtue, the Lola Dennis family, Christine Gasperson, Sharon Renfrow, David and Tammi Housley, Jimmie and Sharon Marler, Gary Garrison’s sister and husband, Max Yarber, and many unspoken.  Big Springs Church burnt down last week-remember their congregation.  Upcoming Events:  A Gideon speaker on March 23 (evening); Sandy Housley is having planning meetings for Vacation Bible School set for June 9-13; and Ladies are attending a concert in Springfield on April 11- 6 p.m.  Bro. Rick’s sermon on March 16 was from 1st Thessalonians 5: 1-6.  Let us Watch and Be Sober. The Lord will come as a thief in the night.  Distractions can get us off track from serving God:  Cell phones, movies, T.V., every day happenings-like locking your keys in your car, misplacing items like glasses, keys, coffee cup, etc.  We should watch for good things and opportunities to encourage and help others.  Bible tells us to watch and be sober, which means to be serious and on track.  Special on March 23- Stanley and Glenda Jones, “There’s Power in the Blood”.  Trent Jones has been doing morning announcements since Shelby Moore had ankle surgery.  Thanks Trent.  Good Job!  We had guests in church today with Virginia and Tony Serghides- their daughter in law Jennifer, and grandchildren, Autumn, Meadow, and Sam.  Helen did Children’s Church today.  Today, March 23, Bro. Rick preached from Matthew 5:  27-29.  He gave illustrations how God did not really want us to cut out our tongue, eye, limbs, brains, etc.  He said God wanted us to avoid sin, be a Christian and serve him.    We are not perfect enough to get into Heaven by ourselves.  Works has a place, but you can’t get to Heaven with works alone.  You can show God you are serious through works, but the route to Heaven is through Jesus Christ.  How do you know you are a Christian?  Am I going to Heaven or Hell?  Are you interested in your soul?  How can you know for sure?  You must go to the scriptures, study, and pray.  How do we get assurance?  “Truly, I say unto you, Ask, Seek, and Knock”, and you can be assured of your salvation.  From the book of John, “Whosoever liveth in me and believeth in me shall never die”.  Visitors are always welcome to Rock Chapel.  Questions:  call Rick Batten 417-683-5657/ or 417-250-0918.

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