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Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  This cold, icy, snowy weather has, again, played havoc with Sunday Worship services.   Nearly every church in Ava cancelled services last Sunday.  I’m not sure about how many country churches cancelled.  Only a few brave souls ventured out to Red Bank Church.  We did have Sunday school, the music, worship service and prayer time before we dismissed so everyone could get home safely.   Brother Lauren announced that business meeting will be held Wednesday, March 5, beginning at 7:00 p.m.  The Fifth Sunday Singing was discussed, but no one seems to know what church has volunteered to host it.  Eloise Hallmark said that she would make some more calls to find out where, when and what time.

Eloise Hallmark reported that the benefit held at the Plainview School for Richard Mitchell was a great success.  Gary and I had planned to attend, but Gary wasn’t feeling too well yet.  He came down with a stomach virus earlier in the week that left him feeling pretty weak.  I’m praying that I don’t get it too.

Maxine Lirley called to find out if Gary was feeling any better and if we were surviving the storm and frigid weather in good shape.  I had called her earlier to let her know that we wouldn’t be visiting her because Gary had the flu.  We sure didn’t want to take a chance on her getting it too.  She said that she felt fine.

We were sorry to hear that Angie Adams had passed away.  She told me that she still felt weak after her bout with pneumonia when I visited with her week before last.  Angie was always a bright, cheery lady.  She had a smile for everyone.   We will miss her.

My daughter called us last night.  She said that the temperature there in Florida was 78 degrees.  Right now, I can’t imagine feeling that warm.   I asked her if they had their garden out yet.  They always have fresh, ripe tomatoes on the vine when we are just getting ours planted.  They usually raise lots of different vegetables.

Well folks, that’s all the news for now.  Take care.

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