Quad Cities

3-15-14. Well, “Happy Birthday To Me,” tomorrow. Of course I’ll be 39 again. Ha!

My family is working this weekend so we will meet at the restaurant next Sunday the 23rd for my birthday dinner. I’m looking forward to that. I am just going to take it easy tomorrow. We’re finally getting some gorgeous weather. I love it. I’ts still supposed to rain and snow some tonight. It’s muddy everywhere now because of the melting snow. I’m sure the farmers are getting anxious to get in the fields and start their farming preps, but it will be awhile. It’s still getting down in the thirties some so that helps to freeze dry the ground. Walt saw two robins in the yard yesterday and a cardinal was tweeting real loud and close by when we were out Thursday. The green leaves and grass will be coming out soon and we’ll be sitting outside watching the birds and animals. There’s a lot of squirrels here running around and rabbit tracks in the snow. There’s a moose that’s being spotted just about ten miles north of here and the eagles are sitting on eggs again getting ready to hatch some more babies. You may have seen them on your computer. There’s an eagle cam on the nest at Alcoa in Riverdale and one in Decorah, Iowa and probably other places. They’re really interesting to watch. I saw a lot of eagles when we crossed over the Mississippi River going to and from East Moline, Illinois last week.

I got up in my sleep early one morning two weeks ago to go to the bathroom. I was dreaming. When I turned the corner of my bad ankle gave way and I fell backwards. I caught most of the fall on the left side of my back against the cabinet the stereo is on. It bruised up pretty much and was sore, of course, but it woke me up and didn’t kill me. Walt said it scared him when I fell (he was asleep) and I said it scared me too. So now I’m good as new (which is not very good, ha.)

I was really sorry to see in the paper where Burl Miller passed. My deepest sympathy to all his family.

My dear friend of more than forty years passed last week. I sure was sad to hear that. I was getting ready to send her a birthday card, but as usual I was too late.

Well, I better get this in the mailbox so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.