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3-3-13. It was March first and snowing like Christmas. It snowed all day and much of the night. This is Monday and it’s supposed to snow again Wednesday. The temperature is supposed to be around ten degrees for the high today. We set a record low last night, but I guess a lot of the different parts of the country did. What a terrible winter everyone is having. Goodness gracious! What is going on? We planned on running some errands here in Tipton today, but it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow so we will go then. I’ve got some things to mail that need to go the the post office, so I’ll try to get that ready. Of course I need to mail this letter today out here in the box. Thank goodness the sun in shining bright again so that really helps. It comes through all the windows and makes it nice and cozy warm in here without using the heaters much. It’s all electric and I don’t know what I’d do if I still lived at the farmhouse because the price of propane has went up so high, if you can even get it.

Some cities are running out of sand and salt and the liquid they use on the roads. I guess everyone already knows all of this from the news though.

Where daughter, Anita, works they’ve hired some company to come in and run part of the jobs so her schedules changed all around now. She used to just work one Sunday a month and get off on Wednesdays when she worked that Sunday. So now she has to work every other weekend and get off the Thursday before and the Tuesday after. So we’ll have to change our days we go to Muscatine to meet for lunch. No big deal for us though and they let her take off the same weekends as her son, Jared, and his wife, so that’s good. Otherwise we could never all of us get together the same time for birthdays and holidays.

Another one of our neighbors moved out from the next building over. He was a good neighbor and we hated to see him go. Just like the nice lady that moved out over there before him. We still get to see her at Hardee’s though as she works there.

We’ve thought of a few more things we want to get out of the farmhouse, but the winter has been so bad we can’t get down there and we think he will tear it down just as soon as he gets back from Florida. He’ll probably burn it after he tears it down and that would be best while the snow is still on the ground. I spent most of the day yesterday watching tv. First the old-time show “Lark Rise to Candleford.” I used to watch it all the time on my antenna tv then they took it off. Now it’s on another channel on cable. Then I watched a series of “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.” I hadn’t seen it for a long, long tme and I saw them advertise where they were showing a series of it where a different country singer was on each time. First was Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash then Barbara Mandrell, then Willie Nelson, then Kenny Rogers. They advertised Travis Tritt and showed some different pictures of Johnny and June dressed different than they were in the other one, but didn’t show those. Kris Kristoferson was coming on in a movie that looked good, but I’ll watch those some other time. I shudder to think what my cable will be this month, but I won’t call them because every time I do they raise the price on it again. I guess that’s punishment for calling and complaining. That’s about all I know this time so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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