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2-24-14. Hello! Not much left of February. It’s still winter in my little piece of the globe. It finally warmed up enough to melt a lot of snow, then right back down into the deep freeze. Well, it won’t be long now. We saw a big robin out here a few days ago. It was looking for something to eat. I hope it found something. Then I heard a cardinal tweeting one day. It was really close. I tweeted back hoping to get him started tweeting to me like my little buddy “Ol’ Red” did at the farm.

We’re getting anxious to sit outside and watch the birds and animals. We plan to put a hummingbird feeder so we can watch them through the kitchen window that’s over the sink. A lot of things to look forward to. Right now we’re going through a really cold period with some snow again.

I happened to think one day last week that I hadn’t gotten my calendars from State Farm yet so I sent them a card that just said,”Dude! Where’s my calendars?” then in two days I got a big envelope that said, “Dude! Here’s your calendars. Better late than never, right? I’ll send them next year too. They keep sending me books of stamps for my payments and I’ve got enough to more than make my payments for the rest of my life. So now they send notes that say, “Keep those cards and letters coming.” I think I’m going run out of the comical poems and stories I’ve wrote before long. Guess I’ll have to write some more. Anyway it sure helps to break the monotany of winter. I’ve got letters I need to write to other people too. I’ve been busy watching the Olympics and tried to watch the Daytona race, but it was rained out so I guess they’ll try it again. Maybe today. At one time they got a tornado warning and evacuated the bleachers and took the people inside. They were kneeled down against a wall with their heads down. Thank God it didn’t come that time. It surely would have killed a lot of people. I saw on tv where there had been some damaging winds at Springfield and Nixa, MO. and I meant to call down there to see if relatives were okay, but they never said anything more on the news, so I figured it wasn’t too bad or they would have. We’re getting in that kind of weather in the southern states and will be here before long. I’ll just have to keep praying.

Was praying for Frank Dee Allison to get through his stroke and back to normal and for our families going back and forth to work in all the snow and sometimes as much as 45 degrees below zero windchills. We heard from Dee a few days ago and he’s back in his home now. He had to take a drive test to be sure he was okay to drive and he passed that and got his license back. His daughter, Shelly, was on her way to stay with him and she was involved in a wreck and ended up in the hospital herself. I think she’s out now. Well, I just called Dee and he didn’t have any news. He said Shelly only had to be in the hospital overnight, but is bruised, sore and has to go to therapy for awhile. Dee’s daughter, Sue, is taking him to his appointments. He sure got some good girls. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

Walt called his sister, Hazel in Columbia, Missouri and sang Happy Birthday to her. I told Dee and he said he did too. She said her son, Tom, had to go to St. Louis the day before and ran into some bad weather. Thank goodness no wreck for him.

We had a good day on Saturday. The weather was cold, but sunny and no snow and we went to Muscatine to Lisa’s Restaurant for Anita’s husband, Carl’s surprise 50th birthday party. Lisa closed off one whole room for us and Anita had a big stack of different kinds of Pizza brought in and she had a big sheet cake with a big hill on it and a stick figure of Carl with a blue cap on and it looked like he was about half way “over the hill.” Also a big container of ice cream. The cake was a white and chocolate marble cake and the ice cream was vanilla with chocolate syrup all through it. It sure was good food all the way around. But the star of the show was little Ember Rain who just turned two years old last month and as sweet as can be. I never saw a little one that young talk so much. He never missed a second the whole time. She even speaks a little spanish from watching tv. There was the birthday boy, Carl Kelly, Anita, Anita’s dad, Trevis Twitty, her son, Jared Bassett and Carrie and Zoie. Then there was Carl’s daughter, Chas, her hubby, Sid, their little Ember, Walt Allison and yours truly, Martha Faye Twitty.

So that’s about it for now. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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