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Well I didn’t exactly spring forward this past weekend.  It was more like I was being pulled while digging my heels into the dirt and clawing my way in the other direction.  I have issues with everyone telling me it has to be done a certain way because it’s just done that way.  When there isn’t a logical reason that makes sense, why are we doing it that way?  That question could open a whole big can of worms, but I’ll leave it at that.  I know as Americans, we keep asking ourselves that about a lot of things lately.

Sunday morning, we woke up to a cold and dreary sky.  It made us enjoy our coffee and warm fire very much, but we gathered into the car and made our way to church where we were so blessed to hear a wonderful message.  On our way home, the sky began to clear and the blue patches became bigger and bigger.  By the time we got home, the sun was warming everything up nicely.  We changed our clothes, enjoyed a fine meal of roasted chicken, bar-b-que beans and homemade coleslaw, then made our way out to the field to see the newest calf.  We enjoyed watching her run, jump, skip and hop her way across the field.  She sure is a strong little one.  She gets to going, then remembers to look for Mama, can’t see her so proceeds to call out for her in her little calf voice.  It reminds one how wonderful and fresh life is to see a new life enjoy their little world so much.  I couldn’t have been more content if I had wanted to be.  The Sunday message was refreshing, the sun’s warmth was inviting, the fine meal was delicious and filling and I was enjoying all of it with my wonderful family.  What more could one want?  My cup runneth over.

The trees are budding out and we’ve seen a bit of green grass here and there.  Today it is such a beautiful day outside, we plan to take a walk through the woods to see what we can find to make some curtain rods.  My cousin up in Minnesota is an Interior Designer and we were able to enjoy visiting with her in her home last summer.  Above her windows were some beautiful curtain rods and holders that had been made from small trees.  When I asked her where she found those, she laughed and said she had asked one of our Uncles up in northern Minnesota to cut her down some small trees for her to use for curtain rods.  He did and later brought them to her.  She cut them to length and sealed them.  They look very rustic, but professional.  Hopefully we can get ours to look that good.

Sadly enough, we were not successful with hatching the first batch of chicks.  We discovered that our thermometer was either running low on battery or the heater in the incubator is going out.  We’ve had that incubator for about four years.  I’m not sure how long they are supposed to last.  Our newly made brooder box is standing empty as of today, but we will hopefully be getting some chicks later this week from a friend.  We decided to just buy some chicks instead of more eggs to incubate of the French Blue Copper Marans since we absolutely love the quality of her little flock.  Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t given up on incubating eggs.  In fact, we just filled up another incubator full last night with Sebright eggs, Khaki Campbell duck eggs, Lavender Orpington eggs, Welsummer eggs and a few other odds and ends that we are anxious to see hatch.  That particular incubator has a fan in it that circulates the air which creates a more even temperature throughout the incubator and we are using three different thermometers to double check that we don’t get it too hot or cold.  Just call us determined!

Have a blessed week!

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