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I read somewhere that if you have worn your snow boots and your sandals during the same week, you must live in the Ozarks.  I haven’t exactly worn any sandals yet, but I could’ve during some of the beautiful days we’ve had.  The bees are flying so doesn’t that mean it is time to go barefoot?  Bare feet in fresh dirt is what life is about.  I don’t know why, but if you’ve never tried it since you’ve grown up or for several years, you are sure missing a treat.

Before this latest snow, I had the pleasure of visiting with a dear friend of mine.  When I got there she was out in her garden planting peas and onions.  We stood out there for quite a while visiting in the warm afternoon air.  It sure made me want to come home and start planting, however, I have determined that nothing will be planted until we get a good tall fence put up.  This winter, we have seen so many deer up close to the house, that I just know it’ll be a waste of time to put in a garden until a fence is up.

My daffodils are peeking their green tips up through the dirt.  A new friend of mine mentioned the spring peepers are making themselves heard.  One afternoon my husband and I were sitting out on the front porch listening to some sweet fiddle music bounce off this Ozark Oaks and in between songs I strained to hear them.  My husband couldn’t hear them and so I thought it was just wishful thinking on my part, but lo and behold, the next day they were loud and clear.

This new incubator is sure working good.  The fan is the trick.  It seems that every egg in there is growing when I candle them.  Today my dear sweet husband has to travel out of town for his job, which is a blessing for me.  Why?  Because a friend of ours who lives up where he has to go, is sending home over a dozen little Serama chickens with him.  I’m beyond excited.  Seramas are the world’s tiniest chicken and can be full grown at less than 14 ounces.  They are extremely sweet and have the cutest personalities.  She blessed me with a few of them last year, which introduced me to them for the first time and I’ve been hooked ever since.  She just hatched out a batch and I get to make them at home in our new brooder box.  Of all the possible things hatching around here, I’m hatching a plan to build them a cute little coop.

With so much going on here on the homestead, I woke up to a terrible migraine the other day.  Of course it was a day that was full of things that needed to be done.  My head hurt so bad that I was sick to my stomach and I’ll leave the description at that because you don’t want to know the rest.  What I will describe to you is the amazing blessing our daughter was that day.  She took care of all the farm chores by herself, made her Father a nice lunch while thawing out a roast to barbecue in the Dutch Oven with mashed potatoes for supper.  By evening, I was worn out from being sick, but feeling much better and let me tell you, she can take over the kitchen anytime.  Supper was delicious, the kitchen was clean and there wasn’t a single thing I needed to do.  Scripture declares that children are a blessing and it is very true.  I almost forgot.  She also made up a batch of Apple Pie Enchiladas.  Incredibly yummy!

Have a blessed week!

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