Oak Grove Church

We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday school lesson and fellowship time together before morning worship service. Then we came together and the morning message was “Rescue The Perishing.” Several were wondering where pastor came up with such a unique title for the message, but he wasn’t about to reveal his sources.

He did say something about our duty to the gospel of Christ demands that we lift up the fallen and tell them of Jesus, and snatch them in pity from sin and the grave. Those are really the pillars of the Christian faith, not to mention, they might be good lyrics for a song, as a matter of fact the title of the sermon might be a real catchy song title, what do you think?

After worship services we adjourned to the fellowship hall for a meal together, you really should have been there.

Last Monday our youth group all went to see the movie at the Ava Theatre, “The Son of God” and I think it is safe to say everyone enjoyed the movie. We appreciate the Ava Theatre for holding it over after the snow storm kept us out the week before.

After finishing our fellowship dinner we came back up to the sanctuary and discovered our parking lot had been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Come and join us in worship next week. We can’t guarantee that you won’t get snowed in, but we can promise that if you do you will have company. God bless.