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Great news, are you sitting down? Our numbers were up more than five times as many as attended last Sunday. You may recall, we had a bit of snow and ice  that hampered attendance. Well, not this week. We still have plenty of room for you to come and take advantage of reserved seating near the front.

This mornings message was “We Hold These Truths,” with Romans 1:18 as our source material. Then the evening message was entitled, “I Will Go.” We viewed this statement in several different scriptural references, from Ruth, Deborah (Judges), and Samson (also in Judges) to the story of the Prodigal Son, in the New Testament. These and many others we looked at made decisions which effected not only their lives, both mortal and eternal, but also formed the fabric of Bible history.

It is no accident that Christ gave us all the same commission, “Go.” And He is the reason we all should answer like those Patriachs of the Bible, “I Will Go.”

Because of the icy highways last we were unable to take our youth group for  a viewing of “The Son of God,” which is playing at the Ava Cinema, so we plan to do that this Monday, March 10th. I will let you know how the plans work out next week.

You really should come and join us as our guest, we would love to have you with us this coming Sunday and if you’re not really careful, there may be food involved and with us. You really do not need reservations, you’re welcome any time. God bless.

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