Oak Grove Church

News flash, it sleeted on Sunday and most everyone stayed home. A few of us still came for Sunday school and worship service. When I say a few I “really mean” a few. But we prayed, sang, had a really good Sunday school lesson and then an abbreviated sermon, probably more of a “sermonet.”

If I were to give the “sermonet” a title it would be, “The New Letter, In An Old Letter.” The text was Philippians 2:1-18, Paul’s directions to the church at Philippi, and to the church in our day as well.

We canceled evening services because of bad road conditions, by the time we finished morning services the sleet had thoroughly covered the roads. We also elected to postpone Teen Night for the same reason, more will follow as weather and road conditions permit.

The morning message planned for next Sunday is entitled, “An Accounting,” if weather and road conditions permit we would love to have you join us for worship services Sunday morning, Sunday evening and if you’re a teen, we would like to see you Monday evening, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

We hope the ice hasn’t caused you any problems and look forward to seeing you soon, God bless.