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Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church was one of the many churches that decided to cancel services because of the cold, snow and ice.

Because of the severe weather in our area, folks have spent the last several days at home, not venturing out unless necessary, or taking care of chores.

Martin Hathcock attended the benefit at Plainview  Saturday evening for Richard Mitchell.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown, Doug, Kristie, Jadon and Kayley Lansdown, drove to Mt. Vernon last week, to visit Mr. and Mrs. David Guerin and daughters. They also celebrated the birthdays of Pat, David and MCrea, the youngest daughter of David and Casey. They enjoyed the day taking pictures and playing games.

Ronnie Lansdown was in West Plains several days last week caring for Jadon Lansdown, who had a viral infection.

Paul Cox, Pat Lansdown and Jeanne Cox have been visiting Myrl Cox, recently. Jeanne takes care of errands and shopping for her mom.

Ronnie and Pat took lunch to enjoy with Myrl Cox, Tuesday.

Harold and Kay Hutchison were among a large crowd that attended the benefit for Richard Mitchell.

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