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Mt. Olive Church

We have been blessed with another week and once more, we get to go to church and worship the Lord. I wish everyone would make the decision to serve the Lord. Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Our Sunday worship began with Loren reading from Thess. 5: 1-6. After opening prayer, lead by Brother Larry, we went to Sunday school class.  After classes the young people sang, I’ve got Joy in my heart.  Sister Hazel sang, “I’m not ashamed to say that I love Jesus.” Prayer request was made for the sick in our community and the families who have lost loved ones. Prayer was made for Kay Goodwin who is in Cox South. She is very sick at this time. Carolyn and I visited her last week, and Linda and James were up there today. Linda said she got a phone call from Iona and she was feeling quite well and has recovered from her surgery. We are glad to hear from her that she is doing better.

Happy birthday was sung to George Morrison, and he said that he was glad to be able to be back in church this week. He has been in the hospital twice this month. Glad he is feeling better. God is good.   For our worship hour, Jerry chose ll Corinthians 4.  The bible tells us to “faint not” or don’t give up serving the Lord and speading the Gospel. If we can just get one more person to listen and come to know the Lord, it’s worth every effort we can put forth. Satan is busy trying to get people to not listen, not to worry about tomorrow, just live for today. God loves us with an everlasting love. Satan hates us with everlasting hate because we are made in God’s image.  Ephesians 6:12. He blinds the eyes of the unsaved, so they will not hear and believe and be saved. It was a very inspiring message, telling us we must never give up nor stop praying for the lost. So pray, Christian, pray, for those you love.  We serve a God who can do all things……we’ve read the end of the book and we win.

Sunday night’s message was preached from John 2, telling us not to doubt, just trust and obey, God will not lead you wrong , so have a good week and we invite you to come and worship with us this coming Sunday. God Bless. Quote for today, “Now there’s even a “dial a prayer” for atheists. You call a number and nobody answers.”  The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God . . .  Psalm 14: 1.

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