Little Creek

It’s a beautiful day in the Ozarks, a little chilly but bright and sunshine.

Sunday was cold but the church family was happy and of one accord.

We are studying the 13th chapter of Revelations and Danny is a good teacher but we find it hard to understand, at least some of us do.  Burr, Aaron, brought the message and Nicole sang a special.

Karen and Nicole spent the afternoon Monday with me for a good time together.  They helped me sort fabric and reduce my stash.

Nikki is on vacation and is joyful to be spending it in the country.

And Jo, my sis, spent one evening with me.

I enjoy my visitors very much.

I am gettint to spend time with my friends at quilting club since Robyn is here to take me.  But with this wintry weather, club hasn’t been in session a lot.  Now that spring is on the horizon everything can get back to normal-maybe.

I think Jim Frye has got the “jump” on everyone and has his garden planted already.  I must add, with the help of his wife.  She got to help him break old Betsy to work in the garden.  Luckily Brady was there to help guide Betsy for straighter rows.  Kids are amazing with their talents sometimes.

I had lunch with my sister, Jo, Sunday and then my niece Vickie joined us and soon after my son Burr and daughter Ruth came for a later lunch.  We spent the time talking and reminising until 2:00.  We went back to the church house for Grace’s and Brandon’s baby shower for adorable Olivia. She got passed around for everyone to hold.

Some of us stayed for church service at 6:00.

So I spent an enjoyable day and that is good, to be tired but happy.

Kasey had left a note, having brought me supper and left in the fridge.  He had worked up my garden tubs and promised to come back next weekend to help me make my early garden.

Karen, Nicole, Robyn and I drove to Burr and Ruth’s place only to find them gone on Wednesday.  It was a good day to be out and we enjoyed the trip in Karen’s new car.

Quilting club day was a good day.  Robyn took me there for dinner and she helped Joe wash dishes.  Sister Audrey got dinner heated and on the table for everyone who comes for lunch in addition to the ten members.  All the men folk who are regulars were there except for Tom and Wayne.

Hello to Betty and Lynda in Arkansas, I hope all is well.

I guess I have depleted my memory of news.  But at least I didn’t forget to write this week.

Until next time be kind to one another and give the glory to God for all the blessings He bestows.