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Maybe the promise of Spring with the warmer days has put a new spring in my step. Anyway I feel more motivated to do things I have been neglecting. Such as writing my news for the Herald, writing answers to my friends who have sent me letters, and catching up in my sewing room.

I finished hemming my sisters quilt, got my blocks finished for our geneology quilt and almost finished my nine patches for the reunion quilt raffle. So hopefully the winter doldrums are past and I’m looking forward to some 80 degree days.

I awakened this morning to the sounds of dishes being washed. Needless to say I was still in bed and my girl Friday, Robyn, had arrived at 8 o’clock as usual and I was resisting the time change. It takes a few days to get used to.

Yesterday, Sunday, I couldn’t get up and around in time for church. Those coming by afternnoon were Aaron and Ruth, my son and daughter, and my sister, Jo. We had a good time together. Later in the evening Kasey and Terry came by bringing my supper.

They had been in Harrison, Arkansas all weekend to visit Terry’s daughter, Tasha.

Others visiting me were my daughter, Karen and granddaughter, Nicole. Nikki brought a quilt top to show me. She and Karen made quilting frames so that she can now quilt her tops. They picked up some fabric from my storehouse.

I’m happy my girls are getting interested in some of the same hobbies I have always enjoyed. Ruth told me she has started working on my homemade birthday present and I told her that was the best kind of gift.

Charlie visited during the week.

Robyn reminded me that she has a new great grandson named Isaac. This is her first great grand and she says she doesn’t feel that old.

And she told me that Saturday is the first day of sucker grabbing, and the men folk are getting prepared to go grab some suckers. They are the best fish you can eat if they are scored and cooked right. Nothing better than a big platter of fried fish and a bowl of hushpuppies then a tall glass of buttermilk and a big old onion. This was always a common practice in the spring at my house and I would end up canning many jars of fish. Suckers make better fish patties than salmon by my notion, and with my family, we enjoyed fish from the jars all winter. Bob Burton was an avid sucker grabber and the boys still remember Bob on the fish bank yelling his enthusiastic grabs for all the fish bank to hear. The good old days still come to mind more often as you grow olders.

Jean just called to tell me that she enjoyed the Springfield Little Theatre production of “To Kill A Mockingbird” yesterday. Benji drove Jamie and Cori and Jean to Springfield where they met Katrice and they all had tickets to get in the Lander’s Theatre except Benji and as luck would have it they were all sold out and he couldn’t get in. But he found other places to go and enjoy. Jean said it was a 2-1/2 hour production and very good.

Autum Miller spent Sunday afternoon with great granpa Jimmy and they went buggy riding. It was the perfect afternoon for a buggy ride.

Steve McChesney dropped by the Fryes, he and his girlfriend. Everyone was sorry for the loss of Steve’s parent’s home, but thankful no one was hurt in the fire. Most “things” are replaceable and memories are precious of those things that are not. The heart is a good storehouse for precious memories.

Hi to Betty, Lynda, Lorene and Sue whose letters I must answer. Hope all is well.

Lynda wrote me that our Betty had been in the hospital.

And Lynda, I knew all the people in the picture and I’m almost certain that the one you were unsure of is my Aunt Iva.

Until next time, have a good week and remember to make someone happy and to give praise to the Lord for all blessings.

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