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Monday morning James and I visited Kay (Nelson) Goodwin at Cox Hospital. Remember the family in your prayers.

Iona Maggard called Monday she sounded strong and doing good.  Ionas’ brother, Preston Hampton, had surgery.  Hope he is getting along good.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb visited us Saturday evening.

Sunday, 48 were out for services.  Melanie Stevens sang and Sunday night Scott Newel sang two songs.  Pastor James Orick preached over the weekend.  Bro. Newell will this Sunday night.  Join us for any or all services.

Thursday Junior Halcomb and Gary Harvill and I visited Sybil Harvill. Later, I went out to Junior and Betty’s.

(Last Week)

Saturday evening I visited my sister, Sybil Harvill, and grandson, Keith Williams.  Shirley Clark also visited and Mickey and Deb Harvill.  Sybil, Keith and Shirley put out early lettuce and it is up.  I came home and James’ lettuce, radishes and spinach was coming up.  Debbie took Sybil to town and Shirley and Keith came and had dinner, and Shirley cleans for her mom.

We got some manure from neighbor, Jerry Nelson, for our garden. Jerry is gaining in his health.

James and I attended a benefit for the Chadwick Cardinal girls’ basketball team.  Money was raised for their trip to Columbia.  They made it to the finals and came out third place.

The pollen, I guess, is what is causing my ear to stop up, cough and sneeze.  Sure is crazy weather.  I have not found much to help except the neti pot helps my ear.  Flowers are up, some blooming.  The weather is as messed up as our world.  Even the fish don’t know what to do.

March 15 the Martins should be out scouting, we put up our boxes a few days before.  If the birds are smart they will come later.

Sympathy sent to the Persinger family.  I didn’t know it for several days.

James got the garden ready to plant the tators. Bad weather set in on Sunday.  We had rain, sleet and snow.  So, the taters have to wait.  This will hurt fishing, seems like the weather has to yo-yo all the time.  Be nice to have spring, summer, fall and winter the right way.

Connie Siler took her parents to Springfield Friday, they got several things done and ate out.

Sunday sure was slick coming in from church.  We made it fine until we got to Jim Anderson’s and slick until we hit the county road.  We left out and I am not for sure the attendance at Garrison Sunday.  Glad we made it safely home.


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