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Nasty, nasty, nasty weather Saturday. It was messy. The peeper frogs hollowed in February and they sure know their stuff as we had a big snow. Everybody is ready for Spring, I hope. The ground hogs have been out, but they probably did like us, two groundhogs denned up.

Sympathy sent to the Ed Maggard family. He passed away. Loren Maggard called us and told about his uncle passing away. Ed was raised around Highlonesome, over on Punch ‘in’ creek. I remember when I was a kid my brother, Rex, would go to the Jim Willis spring and wash his car. I would playat Cleveland and Stella Maggard’s with their granddaughter, Debbie. Ed and Rex ran around together. Junior, my brother, said Edwould eat at their house in Springfield with Rex sometimes and Junior also was both boys teacher at Highlonesome School. He was very w liked by many. George and Bo Morrison attended their cousin’s visitation. A big crowd attended and George got to see and visit with a lot of folks he and Ed worked with.

Sunday attendance was 48 at Garrison Church. Justin sang two songs he wrote. Pastor James Orick read in Matthew, to immense value of the kingdom which far out weighs any sacrifice or inconvenience one might encounter on earth. James passed a receptacle around, wired wrong. Our life gets wired wrong too and wired wrong, your motor (life) could run backwards.

Sunday night scripture John 17:1-5 and I Corinthians 3:5-10 were used. How are you carrying your cross? And who’s foundation are you building on?

I was glad Sunday morning to hear of praise reports. Last time we met at Garrison we had circle prayer on Sunday night. Lots of health problems. James and me have one very dear to us who needs God’s healing hand. Please help us pray.

The Chadwick girls basketball team will got to state. One of the girls, Riley Massey, goes to Garrison Church and their coach, Bub Payne, is one of our young deacons. Bub’s dream was to go to state, but he gives God the glory. Proud of you all and way to go Riley and Coach Payne.

Phyllis Bloomer and Rachael Morrison brought George and Janie Morrison lots of good things to eat. They haven’t been feeling well for several days.

Saturday morning James and I visited our niece, Connie Siler, and got me some Mary Kay. We had a good visit.

Friday James and I had a good fishing trip. He and Chris Bettis went one day when it was cold and had a good trip.

Friday night Connie and John Siler attended their grandson, Kegan’s, pee-wee basketball games and they won. It makes grandma and grandpa proud.

We get anxious for mushrooms to come up. They say you need moisture and snow is good. Then we should have a bumper crop, but  if it stays cold and the ground is cold the crop won’t bumper. Be another dead season. The black ones seems to have a hard time with our weather conditions. Dogwoods have died a lot and people mess up the ground, but if things go good murshrooms will come.

I hope you all read last week in the Douglas County Herald, the Capital Report from Congressman, Jason Smith. It was about things going on and your rights being effected. It was about the use of your National Park service where they required a permit before you baptized. They got that stopped and they have messed with lead mines. The lead is sent to China to be melted down. EPA is rejecting clean coal technology, over 84% use it. So if they do they said lights across Missouri and rural America will be cut out. EPA decided 12 million wood stoves in America need to be regulated. We had to buy a new wood stove and I would not give a dozen for the good one we had. Same brand. If people don’t start standing up , as the old saying is, we are going to be caught with our britches down and EPA will rule the roost.

Have a good week and think about and pray for the mess our government is in.

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