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Hello from our home, Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, to all of you. Yes, a Healthcare Center because we are not just old folks who live here, we have younger ones, too.  And we are glad they can have our care and assistance in recovery.  We appreciate your visits and volunteering and interest.

Well, we had a couple of days that seemed like Spring was here, but, oh me, just look now!   We have had several white snows, and frosty grounds.  But it can’t be long  until Spring so let’s be patient.  One thing unusual about this winter is that we have had plenty of snow.  This will be good for the soil and crops.

Our halls were decorated for St. Patrick’s Day, so you’ll see the wearing of the green.  Connie is good to promote seasons as they change and pass.

Game time is always full of family and guests. Lavern Ashby’s husband, Ike, played and won a game too.  We love all of our callers and always have a good time.

Our therapy remodeling is progressing, but slowly because our crew has to keep the oridnary upkeep going, also. It is really going to be what we need!

We enjoyed a birthday party last Wednesday with Sonya Howerton playing the guitar and some rag-time jazz on the piano.   Life Church brought in the cakes and boy were they good.    Birthdays for March are  Norma Zellner, Susan Stewart, Pauline Knisell, Joan Fischer and Chloe Wilson.

Our current jig-saw is of birds, now it is really a puzzling puzzle – quite a challenge.

March 17th- I know you enjoyed a few days of Spring.  It was so wonderful to be out and not freeze.  And then, along came another snow storm, a nice one, and very white and icy, just as it should be, but it will soon melt and be warm.  Oh, yes some have told me they have planted garden, potatoes, lettuce, onions and spinach.  Let it not snow! Let it not snow!  Let it not snow!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day  today by the wearing of the green!  It seems we all turned Irish today.  Good old Ireland–the Fighting Irish!  Where would America be without ’em.   Connie helps us celebrate all seasons.  We had some real cute ones in our parade, also, some of different nationalitlies – and some are going to have some scrubbing to do!

Loretta Brooks had to get some huge green clover glasses to view all the costumes and won first place in the parade. Connie fixed me up, must have been pretty good cause I got second place and Velda Miller got 3rd place for dancing her gig!    Donna Broglie and Erich Longshore won first place dressed as Fiona and Shrek from Ireland.

Seond place went to Kaila Slate, an Irish dancer and 3rd place went to Melissa Sartor for being a no pinch me girl.

Some of the staff was really fixed up good, some really beautiful, some funny and some appropriately!

We have enjoyed Carol in Bible study.  She played the piano and I sang to lead songs then she led in a study of Hebrew verses.

Our prayers and sympathy go out to the families of Suanne Sutherland, Goldie Miller, Angie Adams, Dale Thomas, Bernice Steele, Julia Nemeth and  Alice Rippee.        We will miss these people in our home and especially their   family members.

We would like to welcome Joe Davidson, Cecile Boos, Donna Sloan, Vonna Hathcock, Mary Mainus, Leslie Van Camp, Joan Fischer, Darrell Fischer and Dessie Ludwig to our home.

The church schedule is as follows: March 23rd is LIFE Church, March 30  Girdner Church,  April 6th Gentry Church, April 13th Faith Rock Church, April 20th Goodhope Baptist Church, and April 27th  Mt. Zion Church.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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