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Girdner Church

We have had so many good services in the last few weeks, I don’t know where to begin. Haven’t  written in a couple weeks so I will share a little of what we have had shared with us thru the weeks.

God is good! All the time, even thru sad times. His great love is shown thru so many great people who reach out to you & comfort thru cards, calls, visits, or maybe just a hug. Thank you all for being so great and serving the Lord & sharing his love.

We had another wonderful singing the 9th. Seems they are getting better each time. Had visitors who came & sang specials. Good testimonies, and  food & fellowship afterwards. Every 2nd sunday evening we have special singing , testimonies, and food and fellowship so, come and join us and get a blessing or be one for someone else, most of all to the Lord.

Saturday night we were blessed with the Big Creek group coming and singing for us. Such a great group and very spiritual! You could feel the Love of God in their songs.

Please remember the ones in our community who are having health issues. God knows their names, so when you pray, please just lift them up to the Lord. I have always felt the prayers of my friends and church family so I’m asking all to remember this request. Also, for those who have lost their loved ones. Sometimes it hits you a week or so later, when they’re not there to talk to or visit with, so remember those also.

Gods Inspired, Infallible Word. These are the words Sis. Maxine says as she begins her messages, most Sundays. I had to do a little study on that word, Infallible. I wanted to know the meaning behind it all. Fallible meant, likely to make errors, likely to fail, straying from the right course or misleading. We could all fall into these areas. But, INFALLIBLE, is just the opposite, Foolproof, unfailing. So if God’s word is inspired , & we know it is, and we add, infallible to it, this just makes it even more precious! The closer we are to His word and study we will have a chance to get more infallible in our walk with him also. We wont be perfect in this world, but we must keep striving to walk a a closer walk with Him each day. We know not when He will call us home to be with Him, we must be ready at anytime.

 We will be having a pre-Easter rservices starting April 16. Bro. Josh Strong will be Wed. night, Thursday night, Bro. James Hathcock, Friday night, Bro. Landon Vinson, Sat. night, Bro. Ronnie Pinckney & Sunrise Service Sunday morning will be Bro. Bub Coonce. Very much looking forward to a great week,

Service will start at 6 Sunday,  April 20th and after service the men always fix us a really good breakfast, so plan to come and enjoy a blessing with us.

Sis. Maxine has been preaching on the voices around the cross for a few weeks now. And as usual, its been good! I find myself thru the week thinking about what might have happened that day, when Jesus died for me, and just what I would have heard, had I been there. This week she preached on the bystanders that were there. Maybe they weren’t involved with the crucifixion of Jesus, maybe they didn’t have anything to do with it, had just come to watch. Maybe they weren’t followers of Christ. But they heard Jesus crys of desperation, despair, and the desolation. Maybe they were just religious, but didn’t really have spirituality. Maybe they just stood by , and didn’t act. Could they have maybe wished they could help Jesus, but thought someone else will do it? Could they have thought, will I am only one person, I couldn’t make a difference? Are we like this sometimes in our lives. Could they have been “on the fence” so to say, didn’t want to let any of the ones who were doing the crucifying to know they were followerers of Jesus. I wondered, If Jesus saw them there, & knew they had been one of his followers, how it must have broken his heart, to see they did nothing. And then I had a second thought, we do this today, when we let him down in our life’s walk today. When we turn our backs on Him, maybe we don’t stand for Him as we should.  He still sees us, and I’m sure it breaks his heart to know. He gave his life for us, just so we could have eternal life someday, and yet we reject him still today, just as those possible bystanders did that day.

Sunday evening we had communion. It was a special communion service. As Sis. Maxine started reading from 1 Cor 11: 24-28. it seemed it was so much more real to me than it had ever been. The blood that he shed for us, as we drank the juice, His body that was broken for me as we ate the bread,  and to do it all in remembrance of Him. As she read the scriptures, where it said to examine yourself that you be found worthy, for anyone who does eat, and is unworthy , eateth & drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord,s body. I remembered back in time, when I was in a spot in my life when I couldn’t take communion. I’d always took that scripture serious, and I knew I wasn’t where I needed to be with the Lord. So thankful for a loving God, who will forgive us our sins when we ask and is always there to forgive and not remember it again as some men do.

So thankful for the good services we have had here at Girdner. I feel the Lord is really blessing us with good messages and I’m expecting more great things to come.

Our Sis. Naomi sang a song Sunday , and the words were so good. I’d like to share them with you as I close.

We may fight another battle, we may sing another song, Though Satan may cause me to stumble, I’ll  get up and I’ll go on. Cause I’ve started out for heaven, and I won’t stop til I get home.

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