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Last Weeks News – Patty Stephens came down on Wednesday and took me to Mtn. Grove for my protime.

Ann Collins went to Mtn Grove Thursday and went with Carol Wise and Riley to Springfield and spent the night with them.

Sharon Driskell visited me awhile Wednesday morning.

Thursday Bertha and Dean Scherer visited with me, then on Friday Tracy and Hannah Griffith spent most of the day with me, David and Devin had gone to Springfield.

Have heard the little spring peepers in the pond out by the road a few times.  So maybe it will be spring soon.

First Lady: Come on. Break down. Tell me how old you are.

Second Lady: Can you keep a secret?

First Lady: Sure!

Second Lady: So can I!

Mar 24th –  Well we had a beautiful Sunday yesterday.  Annie and I got out and went to church.  But it is cool today and supposed to be for a few days.

Janet Smith had a delated birthday dinner Sunday for Katlyn, her birthday was the 16th.  Attending were; Bertha and Dean Scherer, Ann Collins, Karen Fredrick, Ella May Daugherty, Sirena and Jonah Meeton, Cole and Isabell Bradshaw, Tyler (Katlyn’s boyfriend), Katyln, Janet and Paul Smith.  She had planned this for the Sunday before but had to postpone because of the weather.

Ann Collins and I went to Rockbridge on Wednesday and had a late lunch then went and visited Ada Beard.

Get well wishes to Russell Curtis and our sympathy to the Russell Upshaw family.

Bev Emery visited me awhile one evening.  Bill is doing better.

Not much news, but until next time, take care and God bless.

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