Last Weeks News – Another round of bad wather knocked the wind out of our sails. The ice, rain, snow and thunder all Sunday. Still cold here this Tuesday morning March 4th. Oh well this too shall pass! Right now, it’s 20 degrees at 9:00 this morning.

Not much news as no one is getting out much.

Karen Fredrick came by last Thursday and ate supper with me. She had been to see Agnes.

Thursday Ann Collins went to Springfield for her doctors appointment, it went fine. Carol Wise took her. She stayed one night with Carol and Riley.

Doug and Karen Fredrick ate chili Saturday night with Bertha and Dean Scherer.

My deepest sympathy to the Ronnie Thompson family in the loss of Ronnie’s son, I understand he lived in Galveston, Texas.

Birthdays this month, Calvin Driskell, Dean Stout, Belinda Heath, I don’t know the day, Katlyn Smith the 16th, Karen Fredrick the 25th, Bertha Scherer and Riley O’Shea the 29th.

Ray Hurst of Bradleyville also had a birthday this month. He was 92 years young on the 7th.

Get-well wishes to Bill Emery, he spent about a week in the hospital, I think he is home now.

My daughter, Debbie Hutchison and granddaughter, Shelby Hutchison of Moberly were going to come down last Friday evening, but due to the weather had to postpone it.

“True courage is like a kite – a contrary wind raises it higher.”

Until next time, take care and God bless.

This Weeks News – Monday, March 10th, yesterday was a pretty day. Ann Collins and I got out and went to church.

Think today is going to be pretty also, but is awfully foggy now.

After church Ann and I went on to Mountain Grove and had dinner with Carol and Riley.

Saw on the sign at Drury store and café that is open for business again.