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Gentry News

After prayer and singing to open service, our Sunday school class  studied about God making a covenent with David. The one promise was to perserve David’s descedents in power and continue permanently and Jesus was the fulfillment. God’s promises always come true.

Our special song was by a quartet made up of Keith Lafferty, Wanda Casady, Rod and Joie Welker and a song by Bob Huskey.

Jackson Beard received a gift for six months of perfect attendance, way to go Jackson.

Gentry is having a pool party March 15th at YMCA in Seymour at 1 p.m.

I appreciate all the prayers on behalf of my son, Kevin. He is home from the hospital and doing better.

Betty Allen has been in the hospital on a ventilator, but was taken off and she is improving nicely. Much appreciation for the prayers.

Pastor Lafferty’s morning message was from I Corinthians, chapter six. The church of Corinth were rebellious people and did not go by the teachings of Paul. Know ye that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

In our evening service our special song was by Lena Hutchison and also the Gentry Singers.

Rev. Bob Huskey brought the evening message from Philippians, chapter two. Having the mind of Christ means be more in Christ’s will instead of our own will. The mind of Christ brings joy and unity. Guard against selfishness. Don’t look at your own interest all the time, but the interest of others.

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