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Friendship News

Church started Sunday morning with singing.  Prayer by Bro. Lyle Wright.  Ronnie Epps took over as superintendent.

Sunday school lesson was “How one wife became four”, Genesis 29:12-24 taught of Ronnie Epps.

After a good Sunday school lesson we sang several songs.  Specials were by Fern Cooper, Janet Cotrone, Lena Ingram, and Elsie Atchison sang “Visions of Calvary”.

Bro. Lyle Wright brought the message.  He read Matthew 13:52.  He prayed.  After a good message we sang.  Dismissed by Sister Lena Ingram.

Church started Sunday night with prayer by Bro. Mitchell Cotrone.  We sang several songs.  Specials: Annabell Walker, Diane Strunks, Lena Ingram and Elsie Atchison.

Bro. Raymond Haden brought the message his theme was “Great Deliverance”.  He read II Peter 2:9, II Cor. 1:10; Psalms 86:13, Col. I:13; Galatians 1:4, Romans 13:12.  After a good message we sang “He Is Able To Deliver Thee”.

It was birthday celebration night and we sang happy birthday to Naida Haden and Ronnie Epps.  We were dismissed by Sister Vera Dixon and went back to the fellowship room.  Janet Cotrone asked the blessing on the food.  We had a very good dinner and fellowship.

Visiting Elsie Atchison Tuesday was Debbie Ritter, Gary Dickens, Mona Price Lena, Peyton Ingram.  Visiting Thursday was Lena, Peyton Ingram. Friday visitors were Mona Price, Debbie Ritter, Lena, Peyton Ingram.  Visiting Saturday were Terrill, Lena, Peyton Ingram. Sunday visitors of Elsie were Noel Atchison, Terrill, Lena, Peyton Ingram, Charla, Mequira, and Silas Heinlein.

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