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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

What a difference a week makes, we had nice weather Sunday and a nice crowd was out for our service. We even had a good group of kids.

Bud Hampton was sick and unable to sing, we missed hearing him. Gracie Williams also didn’t feel like singing a special for us. We did have some youth that sang a song for us. Donald started out his sermon by asking everyone if they were comfortable sitting where they were? Then, he told them to move. He said we should never come to church just to feel comfortable, we are there to serve God. We should always, be striving everyday to do more for our Lord and Saviour.

Sunday night, we had our youth night. Wanda Hutchinson sang a song. The youth sang a special and then Tammy Gunter helped them put on a skit which portrayed the crucifixion. We followed that with fellowship and food. Usually, the women all help clean up the kitchen, but I was visiting and went in to the kitchen and Besty Conrad had Roger helping her with the dishes, good woman. I think it takes a church all working together to make it strong and grow and that is what God wants for us as Christians. To work together for him.

If we follow Jesus every day and strive to do His will, we will only grow stronger as Christians and as a church. If you do not have a home church, we would love to have you come and join us for church service.

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