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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We did actually get to have church today. We had snow, sleet and freezing rain, but God put off the freezing temperatures long enough for us to have our service. We did cancel our youth night program and rescheduled it for next Sunday night. We had a lower crowd than normal, but it was good to see Jon and Jeannie and the boys back with us. I know they have several churches that enjoy them being in their services, but we always miss them.

Little Colton helped me play the piano. I think he loves music. Jon said he will carry a book around the house and sing. Jon, Grace, and Evan sang our special today and the kids sang. A group from our church went to see the movie “Son of God” Wednesday night and took the youth group. Donald said it was good and had a lot of spots in it that he wished would have even showed more, but he admitted then the movie would have lasted all night long. Roger and I didn’t get to go. I didn’t get home from work in time. My weather man does say that spring is just around the corner, that means warm weather and family reunions will be starting. My family is already planning theirs. Someday, we  will have a great family reunion in heaven, I hope you have made your preparations.

Take care, have a great week.

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