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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

It’s hard to believe here I sit and looking out at yet another round of snow.  I think that it is so pretty to look at, but I do think we have surely had enough for this year.

But, I know that God knows what is best for us and for some reason beyond our knowledge He sends sunshine, rain and even snow, when He knows it is what our ground is in need of for growing our crops. We just have to have faith.

Our church service was cancelled once again this Sunday because of ice on the roads. Donald called Sunday morning and said that he already had ice.  At the time we were getting hit with a round of sleet.

Last Friday my sister-in-law, Phyllis and I attended the memorial for Angie Adams. She had married my brother Bob in the nursing home. Bob’s son, Benny and wife, Dee also came down for the service. Clinkingbeards and the Nursing Home did a great job with the memorial.

Several of my family have had a round of the flu that has been going thru the area, maybe this latest cold spell will kill all the germs and we can get ready for garden season.

Can you tell I am getting a little bit of spring fever? Well, it is March after all.

I enjoyed a phone call from my  brother, Adrian and wife, Wanda from California Sunday. They are doing well. They said they are having dry weather out there, maybe we will pray for rain for them and for some sunshine and warm weather for us. Sounds good huh?

Since there was no church services I don’t have much news, but not getting to go to church should not keep you from serving God every day of the week and praying to him daily.

Stay safe, stay warm, and stay prayed up!

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