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Dogwood Ramblings

Some of you may remember Gene & Elizabeth “Liz” Waldrip.  Gene was with the forestry service in Ava and Liz was a teacher in Ava, and their three children attended school in Ava.  They moved from here to Flagstaff, AZ and then a few years ago moved to Texas.  One of their granddaughters, 6 year old Harper Leigh, was recently in a nasty accident while learning to ski in New Mexico.  Harper fell from a lift and both arms were broken plus some internal injuries.  Harper is now home and doing OK.  Harper’s father is Joey Waldrip.

It has been a busy schedule what with the funeral for Tom Harris, the memorial service for Julia Nemeth and of course, St. Leo’s very successful annual St. Patrick’s gathering.  I’m ready now for some quiet time.

Spring seems to be here and time to take down the Christmas lights, rake the leaves off of the flower beds, and……time to clean out the garage.  Three of we Dogwood folk are contemplating a garage sale in a few weeks.  Amazing how much a person can gather over time, those things we haven’t used in a long time that need to go “down the road”.  It is said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Let us hope so.  One good thing this spring, I found that my ride-on mower starts!

After pondering much of the past (I do this more and more these days) it is sad to realize how many years were so full there wasn’t time to think, and how much time has truly been wasted.  Even though early on much of my “time” was given to my sons and their schooling, music and sports, I realize I could have done more even then.  It is amazing how the years escaped when we were milking cows, a total of 27 years for me.  It seems many of us have regrets of actions or lack of action over the years.  Should I have done this or that when the opportunity was there?  And, what should I be doing these days?  Now that I have more time, my “get up and go” has mostly got up and gone.  But, nothing is to be gained by regret.  Just do what you can for yourself and others, while you still can.

Randy worked quite a bit of his cattle this weekend – I stopped being involved in that sort of activity a couple of years ago – and miss being able to be of help.  Ron has been busy with bowling here and there, feeding cattle, doing Hunter Safety things, etc.  Rory’s schedule keeps him on the go daily but he remembers to call me a couple of times a week.   Ryan has a new life now in Texas but we phone visit every once in awhile.  I miss the days when they would come running into the house to sample what I’d been baking.  Back then I went through a dozen packages of yeast a week.  Oh yes, granddaughter Regina aced four college finals in Oregon last week.  Bravo to her!

Again, no one has been calling to put their events into this column.  Perhaps they have just been too busy with the challenges of our changeable weather.  Some folk have started planting in their gardens and the trees have started budding.

Y’all have a good week!

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