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Dogwood Ramblings

Well, my goodness, we certainly received what we hope is the last blast of winter on Sunday.  Rex, Arlene and Reanna came here to drive me in to church.  During Mass we could hear the ice pellets striking the church and driving home was on ice all the way.  I asked Rex to consider my older van a $75,000 BMW and to be careful…..and he drove ever so careful all the way home.  As soon as we got back here I had a few phone calls to make to let friends and family know all was well.

I can’t begin to know what suffering is going on for the loved ones of those in that Malaysian plane.  The investigation of this incident will go on for ages as they have so very little information.  If this was a deliberate action one can only wonder what was going on in the mind(s) of the perpetrator(s).  The lives of others mean little to nothing to a fanatic.

Last Saturday St. Leo’s had the funeral service for our dear Tom Harris.  So many showed up that we could get no more into the church and there were at least two dozen sitting in the social hall.  Everything was wall to wall people.  One interesting aspect was the love and devotion by the little ones and then, their ability to go outside and play afterwards.  Much appreciation go to all those who helped with this service in any way.

For those of you who knew Julia Nemeth, we will be having a Rosary service for her on Saturday the 22nd at St. Leo’s at 1:00 p.m.  Her burial will be in New Jersey.

I see that not all roofs are repaired yet from the wind storm of two weeks ago.  Some received even more damage from the winds the night of the 13th.

Do pray for our nation, for the bereaved, for the ill and homebound.

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