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Dogwood Ramblings

Many phone calls have been coming in telling me to stay home and off the icy roads.  Also, phone calls from friends in California who are so happy about the rain and yet worried about mudslides, etc.  There have been a few visitors here, always welcome.  Rory stopped by and helped me with a project to have some spring flowers on the table in a ceramic coffee pot that belonged to my mother and the pot is at least as old as I am.  Few family treasures remain due to the loss of my home to fire in 2001. Bob and Dana Wagner each popped in for a nice visit and my cat, Feather, thinks Dana is the “cat’s meow”.

I hear that some folk are still waiting for an adjustor to appraise the wind damages as the adjustors are booked up.  That probably means those capable of putting on a roof already have full schedules.  Do check out these roof repairers as some have not done a good job in the past.  Sunday evening I sat here listening to the sleet falling against the house.  The dogs are inside most of the time.  Let us hope none of our cows are calving in this mess.  Very little traffic on Hwy 14 and I hope all travelers stay safe.  We now have from 5 to 7 inches of snow on top of the 1 to 2 inches of ice.  It is not very nice out there although it is pretty.  Mail delivery may be touch and go!  It was zero degrees Monday morning.

I do not go to movie theaters, do not rent movies either.  So, I surprised myself by watching the Oscars on Sunday night.  I knew a little of some of the older actors however, nothing of the newer actors.  It pleased me when Matthew McConnaughy, upon winning the best actor award, gave honor not only to his father and mother, but started out giving thanks to God.  He was the only one who recognized God.  Some of the acceptance speeches were moving, some inspirational.

For those of you who know Pete Mooney, he is out of the hospital after a scary episode and back on his chemo regimen.  Quite a few prayer requests and a few updates have come to me to send out on the Internet prayer chain.  I hope you pray for all in need.

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