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Gene and Rheba Pool spent the weekend in Branson.  They visited Sherry Pool also.

I had phone calls this week from Debra Reed in Kansas and Juanita Kazenske in Illinois.

Kay Hutchison and Jewell Elliott visited John and Jo Stephens one day.

Happy Birthday in April to Adella Grace Ayala April 1st, Tiffany Ayala April 6th, Lisa Hensley April 9th, John Stephens Ajpril 10th and Diana Davis April 30th.

There will be another square dance at Marriott Music April 12th at 7:00 pm.

Reece and Megan G oforth went to Oklahoma for the week end with Flenda and Dale Evans to see their dad and grandpa.

Donna took me to town on Saturday.

Macee Breeding was honored with a Birthday party for her 7th birthday Saturday at her home.  Those atttending were Keith, Milanie, and Quin Breeding, Papa Kenny Breeding, Granny Donna Dodson, Bryse Dodson, Conner and Caden Prock, Abbi Bailey, Emma Stewart, Makayla Bailey, Hailey Edwards, and Jack Breshears.  She had lots of fun with her friends.  They all enjoyed a zebra cake and ice cream and juice.  She wants to thank everyone for her gifts.

Granny Donna also took cupcakes and juice to Mrs. Heier’s class on Friday to share with her class mates.

Macee, Quin and Bryse all spent Saturday night with Donna and David.

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