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Caney Church

Mar. 16th – This cold wet Sunday we came together at Caney Church praising the Lord in song.

Bro. Jack Essary welcomed every one.  Prayer requests/praise reports received.  Bro. Hi Lambeth led us in prayer.

Jack read Psalms 16:7-11 for our devotion.

We dismissed ater Sunday school as the weather is getting worse.

Mar. 19 – We finally got to come Wednesday evening.  This writer has had work , weather and sickness getting in the way of attending..  We began service praising the Lord in song.

Bro. Jeff Shipley was our leader this week.  He took prayer requests/praise reports.  Sis. Lila R oberts led in prayer.

Bro. Jeff taught from Hebrews 4.  There is eternal rest in our future (if we’ve chose Christ) but we must work till then showing others the way of Christ.

We had a great discussion on preparing to meet Christ.  There is only one way, it has to be Christ’s way or we won’t make Heaven or that eternal rest.

Our youth recited the ten commandments and sung the New Testaments.  We are really proud of them and their teacher.

Mar. 23 – On this beautiful Sunday morning, Caney began Sunday school singing praises to the Lord.

Bro. Jack Essary welcomed every one.  Prayer requests/praise reports given.  Bro. Jeff Shipley led in prayer.

Bro. Jack read Mathew 9:31, 10:1 for our devotion.

After a vewy good Sunday school lesson, Maddie Shipley sung while offering was received.

Answered prayers walked into Caney this mroning when Etcyl and Lorrinda Coulter came.

Praise/worship began with testamonies from Lorrinda Coulton, Jeff shipley, Hi Lambeth and Jim Lafferty.

Sis. Melba led us in Amazing Grace mvoing on to congregational singing.

Special music was by Melissa Harm.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning from I Thessalonians 1:9-10.

What are you waiting for?  Are you witing for the return of Christ?  He is coming again.  Are you spiritually asleep?  Are you watching for His coming?

An insightful message for the day.  If you weren’t here today, we missed you and you missed a good message.

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