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A little chilly but a beautiful morning God blessed us with.

Sunday School began with the reading of Psalms 52. We began the book of Hebrews for Sunday school lesson after Ronnie Thomas offered the morning prayer. This books purpose according to my study Bible “tells” the author’s interpretation of the old Covenant and his understanding of the Aramaic priesthood.  It was probably written to the early Christians who under persecution were being tempted to return to Judaism. The writer warns against regarding Christianity as merely an offshoot of Judaism and encourages time to persevere.

Our service went to worship with congregational singing and a few specials. The Lafferty-Thomas family sang “He’s the One That’s Called Jesus” after David Williams, Wilma Hampton and Susie Sisco sang, “The Eastern Gate”.  All songs that were sung this morning were all of hope we have in Jesus who will lead us, and “Home Where We Belong” by Susie Sisco.

Brother Cub took a text from St. John Chapter 2: 1-21, the parable of the Good Shepherd.  The sheep hear His voice when the door is opened.  When the sheep go out, the shepherd goes before them and they follow because they know His voice.  The sheep will not listen to the stranger’s voice and they will flee from him.  Jesus is our door.  If any one will enter this precious door, they will be saved.  If one tries to enter by any other way, it is the same as a thief and robber, and the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus gave his life; He is the Good Shepherd and a good shepherd will give his life to save his sheep so meek and vulnerable.  No one took the life of Jesus, He gave it for you and me.

Here is a question you must ask yourself.  Are you one of His sheep?  Do you trust Him as your Savior or are you questioning if He is something other than God the Son?  I hope and pray that you come to know and accept Jesus. He will not lead you astray but He will take you home.

Remember to pray for the sick and those that have lost a loved one to the grave.  Don’t forget to pray for protection for our military and the divine hand of God Almighty to lead our country.

Today is the Fourth Sunday singing at Mt. Tabor.  Next Sunday, March 30 is the Fifth Sunday Singing at Pleasant Ridge.  I know the pastor and congregation will gladly welcome you.

God Bless you all this week.

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