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Thank you Lord that we are able once again to assemble to worship you. I think everyone is ready to see the glorious beauty God gives us in the spring. Our Sunday school lesson begins with the reading of Psalms 75. We began our studying of Titus the second and third chapters after Sister Wilma Hampton gave the morning prayer. Chapter two gives guidelines for the way we are to behave during our lives. There are specifics given to the aged men, aged women and young men. These are guidelines of how we are to live a godly life. The third chapter goes into how we are to be subject to the government and speak no evil of any man because all of us at one time were foolish in doing sinful things. Avoid foolish questions or arguments for they are vain and of no profit for Christian growth. The fourteenth verse summarizes this chapter, “And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful.”

We had a wonderful and spiritual congregational and special singing. Brother Bob Jackson requested Ronnie and Sue Thomas to sing. How I am blessedwith the words the song writer was inspired to write and what they mean. We are so happy to have Brother Bob and Sister Carlene back with us as well as Josey and Bryson Lafferty. God is so good. Sister Wilma Hampton and David Williams sang and Brother Cub (Joe), Ronnie and Sue Thomas and myself sang.

The sermon came from St. John 15:15-27. Jesus is our vine and we are the branches. As Christians our fruits should be those as Jesus has commanded. We will bear witness of Him and our Heavenly Father. The branches that produce no fruit will wither and be cast in the fire. If we abide in Christ we will bear testimony that we are His disciples. We are to love one another as He has loved us and be encouraged that the world is against us because they are against Him. They hate us only because they hate Him. The word was fulfilled when, “They hated Him without a cause.” But the Holy Spirit, the blessed comforter has been sent to us and we will testify of Him. Bear the good fruit and point those who are yet without Christ in the right direction.

Remember those who are sick and those who have had loved ones pass away. Remember this Friday night, March 14 is our monthly singing. Hope to see you there and we will have some food and fellowship. God bless you all.

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