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Bethany Baptist Church

It is time for Spring cleaning. The folks at Bethany Baptist Church plan to work both inside and outside the church, Saturday morning. Although the church is cleaned each week, there are a lot of nooks and crannies that need extra attention. Meeting time was set for 9:00 AM. We hope for good weather for that morning.

There’s lots going on here at Bethany Baptist Church. The Young Women N Christ meet after school on Mondays. There is a Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings. The Ladies Bible Study meets on the second and fourth Thursday mornings at 8:15. Sometimes we have Pizza and Movie nights. In addition to that there may be meetings of organizations from outside the church such as the Douglas County Homemakers Council that met here last Thursday.

Next Sunday, March 30, the 5th Sunday Fellowship Supper will be held with supper at 5 PM and special music and testimonies at 6 PM.  Guests are welcome to all the church events.

Sally Sorensen and her mother, Darlene, sang a duet with Sally playing the piano. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his first message of a series leading up to Easter, “Five events at Easter, Christ at Gethsemane.”

Gethsemane was a place of great sorrow, suffering, solitude, supplication, surrender, shame, and success. Isaiah referred to the coming Christ as a “man of sorrows.” Why was he so sorrowful? There was the corruption and rejection by his own people, the approaching separation from his heavenly Father, his approaching death made so painful by his taking on our sins, and the spiritual condition of his disciples. As Jesus was praying, carrying this almost impossibly heavy burden, the disciples were asleep. They could not watch even one hour. We may be critical of the disciples for sleeping at that moment when Jesus most needed them, but we have to ask ourselves are we sleeping instead of doing his work at this time in history?

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