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Bethany Baptist Church

The ladies met last Thursday for their Bible Study in Nehemiah. They plan to meet again on Thursday, March 27 from 8:15 to 9:30 to continue their study. Nehemiah did not let the taunts and the threats of the enemies stop him in the work of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. Instead he prayed, he reminded the people that this was the Lord’s work, and then he armed the people, set a watch, and kept on working on the wall. What can we learn from Nehemiah that would apply to our lives in this modern age?

Friday evening was Pizza and Movie night. Pastor Bob and Darlene had made plenty of pizza so no one went home hungry. The movie was about a golfer who had a total “melt down” from the stress of the game, who found his answer in “Utopia.” It was also the story of how a parent can push a child to excel in some sport to the point that playing the game is no longer fun.

Ben and Crystal Johnson missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions of Alpharetta, Georgia and their daughter, Evelyn, were guests at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday morning. Ben taught the Adult Sunday school class and preached at the 11:00 service. There was dinner at noon in the fellowship room. A short afternoon service was dismissed early due to the falling sleet.

Ben and Crystal each gave their personnel testimony. Ben was born and grew up in a Christian home where there was no question about going to church for every service. He was saved at an early age, but did not really see the pressing need for missions in a personal way until he was on a mission trip to Peru. There are many, many in the world people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Crystal grew up with a mother that was an alcoholic. She and her brother were in and out of custody care until at the age of 9, the courts gave custody to her grandmother.  Her grandmother was a godly woman who read the Bible to her, prayed faithfully, and taught her about God. Crystal attended a nearby church as a “bus kid,” was saved, and later on she went to Bible college. It was while she was at Bible college, that Crystal went on a mission trip where she saw the great need for missionaries. She surrendered her life to be whatever God wanted her to be.

Ben Johnson spoke about the hope we have as Christians. Sometimes when we say we hope for something, it is really just a wish. We have no certainty that a doctor’s treatments will be effective or that an investment will pay off, but we can have real hope for the things promised in the Bible. This hope is not found in the keeping of the law, because the law condemns us. We may say that we have not killed, but if we have hated someone we are guilty of breaking the law. This hope is in Jesus. We cannot save ourselves. Jesus died on the cross to purchase salvation for all the earth. He paid the penalty for all men’s sins. A missionary’s job is to tell lost souls that there is hope.  That hope rests in Jesus who not only died to pay for our sins, but arose from the dead giving us hope for eternal life in heaven.

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