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Bethany Baptist Church

We appreciate Jim Corder, because of him and the warmer day Wednesday the parking lot was clear for church Wednesday evening. Jim had brought his tractor and blade to clear the ice, snow, and sleet mixture and pushed it aside so that folks could walk across the parking lot safely even if the temperatures dipped down again. Pastor Sorensen continued his Wednesday evening messages on the hymns of the faith.

We heard that Bro. Bob Helms had improved enough to be moved to a nursing facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We are still praying for a full recovery for Bob and strength for Peggy.

Norma Stillings drove Paulette Walls to Springfield, Monday, for a doctor’s appointment. It was especially nice after the light fog burned off and the sun was seen.

This Friday evening there will be a pizza and movie night starting at 5:30. Pastor and Darlene ask that people let them know that they are coming so that there will be plenty of pizza.

Next Sunday, missionaries will be the guests in the services at Bethany Baptist Church. That means that there will be lunch in the fellowship hall at noon, an afternoon service at 1:00 PM and no evening service.

Darlene Sorensen and Sally sang a duet, Sunday morning before Pastor Bob Sorensen brought his message, “He is faithful.”

God is faithful. To say that anyone is faithful is to say that he is trustworthy. Faithfulness is an excellent trait that we would like to find in the people we work with, in marriage relationships, and in every other relationship, but one that is becoming rare.

We can trust God to save us when we call upon his name, having repentance in our hearts toward God and accepting by faith the finished work that Jesus Christ did on our behalf.  Then we find God will establish us, strengthen and keep us from evil. He has promised to deliver us from any temptation that may come, offering a way out.  For those Christian who do yield to sin (and no one is without sin) there is the promise that he will forgive you if you will only confess those sins. Because God is faithful, Christians can be victorious over sin and can absolutely depend upon his promise of eternal life.

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