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Bethany Baptist Church

Church services were cancelled at Bethany Baptist Church, Sunday because of the winter storm that had made it unsafe to be out on the roads and parking lots. It is hoped that the side roads and sidewalks will be clear by Wednesday evening.  Pastor Bob Sorensen has been giving a series on the messages found in the words of our favorite old hymns and gospel songs, on Wednesday evenings.

The Ladies met for their Bible study, Thursday morning. They continued their study in Nehemiah, “Rebuilding in the Rubble.” The problems that Nehemiah faced are similar to those that we face today. The high moral standards that once served as walls of protection for our children have been torn down by a society that no longer regards the Lord God of the Bible as the source of authority for our lives. The adversaries intend to stop the rebuilding of such Biblical standards through intimidation. The next lesson is on how Nehemiah dealt with the fear that caused the people to say that it could not be done. The Ladies’ Bible Study group will meet again on March 13 at 8:15 AM (weather permitting.)Ladies are invited to attend this Bible study, just bring a Bible.

Norma Stillings visited at the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center, Saturday morning. She played the piano, Lola Mayberry was there to sing, and several of the residents sang along. Tom Hawkins read some scriptures on prayer and talked about the meaning of the phrases in the Lord’s Prayer. Visiting the residents at nursing homes is a good thing. The sad thing is when you lose two or three good friends in a short time. The consolation is when these good friends have given good testimonies of faith.

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