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I talked with Bonnie Phipps Sunday and she said she was staying in and was wishing warm weather would get here so she could get outside again.

I put three old hens in my deep freeze last Monday and I had help skinning them because that was the first time I ever skinned one and I sure appreciate their help.

I took my news and eggs in later on that day and that evening Ellis came by after he got off from work.

Those stopping by on their way to work Wednesday were Mark, James and Gary.

I cracked some walnuts last week to go on my carrot cake that I made for Saturday night.

Thursday I went over and helped decorate the lodge hall basement for our School of Instruction for Friday night. The Lord was good to us and gave us a nice night Friday for our School of Instruction and it was well attended. There was 82 all together there. There was some members sick and some had been operated on that didn’t get to come.

The Lord was good to give us another good night Saturday for the benefit that they gave for Richard Mitchell. Nina came and took me down with my food to the Plainview School for it. There was a good turn out, I would guess over 600 was there.

Sunday we had to cancel our church at Mt. Tabor and lots of the other churches did too because I didn’t go outside.

Lets keep our sick folks in our prayers.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

Imogene Madewell came by and brought me a late birthday gift. I am putting it to good use.

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