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All Around Bradleyville

I got that big pile of leaves raked up and carted out of the front yard last week and just as I suspected, the grandson was so occupied doing other fun things in the yard in the pretty warm weather we were enjoying that he didn’t even notice they were gone. Or if he did notice, he didn’t care. Now I just need to get the rest of the yard raked and mow it before Easter. Sometimes I get it done and sometimes not. Easter is later this year so I might actually get it done in time.

We aren’t party people but we sure partied over the weekend. Garrett turned three on Saturday and we had a big birthday party. All the family got to come and enjoyed watching Garrett open presents and blow out the candle on the cake. His mom and dad got him a new little battery powered toy 4-wheeler so I am expecting a lot of walking/running beside him while he is on it to keep him from leaving the country! On Sunday he visited his other grandparents, Cody and Carrie Jenkins, and also Ivan Lawson, and had another party with more cake and presents so I’m sure he is partied out!

The benefit for Wanda Whitaker last Saturday was well attended and raised a good amount of money for Wanda. Wanda lost her home to a fire several weeks ago and has been living with her sister in Ozark. Hopefully she will be able to move home soon. We share a back fence with Wanda, and she has always been a wonderful neighbor. We are so glad to live in an area that responds so generously when someone is in need.

Laramie Joe and Mesa Mae, beautiful little twin sisters and daughters of Wendy (Silvey) Cash, had their first birthday party on Sunday. I didn’t get to attend but it looked like a wonderful party with lots of good food and fellowship. It looked like the twins were enjoying their presents and all the people who were celebrating their birthday with them.

Donna Sloan has good news, she will probably get to return to her home in Garrison this week after staying in the nursing home at Ava for the past few weeks for rehab. Donna fell a few weeks ago and fractured a couple of vertebrae in her back.

Baseball and softball games will be starting soon and we have a granddaughter playing this year so we will be making the trips to watch. I enjoy going to these games and hopefully the weather will be nice. I’ve been to a few when it was spitting snow and didn’t enjoy those so much.

Birthdays for the coming week include: March 28: Kent Day, Eric Guerin, Sherry Guerin, Natalie Mooney, Sara Ridings; March 29: Wanda Cavner, Andrew Lovelace; March 30: Sherry Henning, Elijah Nelson, Hailee Norwine; March 31: Kayla Combs, Noah Blair; April 2: Dawson Deroo, Noel Shortt.

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