All Around Bradleyville

March certainly came in like a lion, didn’t it? I hope the old saying holds true and it goes out like a lamb and we can bid this winter goodbye. I am itching to get out and do some yard work, but I haven’t been able to get outside much yet. I always wait until this time of year to rake my leaves off the yard because we have so many oaks in our yard that don’t want to let go of their leaves until the last minute, although many of them have fallen off to cover the yard completely. I raked a big pile last fall just so our grandson, Garrett could play in them and he really doesn’t want me to rake them off although they are wet and matted down now. I know the grass is dead underneath the pile of leaves, but grandsons come before grass, don’t you think? I will get them off some time when he isn’t paying attention and there is more exciting things to think about.

Please remember Donna Sloan in your prayers. She fell last Sunday and fractured a couple of vertebrae in her back. She will have to spend some time in rehab in a nursing home although I don’t know which one yet.

Congratulations to the Bradleyville FFA on some of their recent competitions where the Bradleyville chapter placed 1st in Soils team, 1st place in Forestry teams and 3rd in the Meats team.

New Mansion Church is in the process of expanding the sanctuary again and re-arranging some classrooms. It is a little dusty and messy right now, but that goes along with any construction. The help on Saturday cleaning up was very much appreciated. The help from Corby Lux and his boys, Gavin and Levi and Don and Robyn Whittaker made my job a lot easier. The sanctuary will be gaining around 60 or so more seats. If you don’t have a church home, you are welcome at New Mansion.

The Hunsaker Family spent last weekend in Oklahoma singing. The group is Ed and Leona Hunsaker, their daughter Kayla Combs, Melanie Whittaker. Ed and Leona’s granddaughter, Jessica Hunsaker sang with them this past weekend also. I’ve heard all these people sing separately, but haven’t heard them sing in their group yet. I know they are probably awesome together and look forward to hearing them sometime.

Congratulations to my grandson, Hayden Crouch on winning the “photo of the week” on the Ozone Sports website. Last week was fun as everyone pulled together in a voting frenzy to vote for him to win. It was a back and forth situation with another photo and the phone texts and messages on facebook were flying as people were urging each other to vote, vote, vote! There were literally people from all over the world voting for him. I was one of the main campaigners so if I was a nuisance to anybody I apologize but I really wanted Hayden to win!


Birthdays for the coming week include: March 13: Jayda Maggard, James Marsh; March 14: Virginia Clayton, Jacob Nelson, Scott Whittaker; March 15: Lacey Davis, Brent Koenig; March 16: Daniel Gillespie, Juanita Shortt; March 17: Brandon Harris, Koelder Ross; March 18: Nardena Brown, Amber Duff, Becky Krause; March 19: Bradley Flannery, Kerri Hampton.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: March 19: Brandon and Lori Burkhart, Sam and Judy Clemans.