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All Around Bradleyville

Brrr. That’s all I’m going to say about the weather this week.

Please keep little Madelyn Gross in your prayers. This beautiful little six month old baby girl had to have surgery at the end of February and is getting to come home this week. She has done so well and we pray she continues to improve. Daddy Dustin said she also got her first tooth while in the hospital recovering.

The basketball season has ended for both Bradleyville teams. The girls played a good game against the number one seeded team. They played well but the Chadwick girls have had an amazing season and came out the winner in district play. The boys played number one seeded Niangua for first place in districts and had a great game but Niangua pulled away and won the game. Both teams played great and had nothing to be ashamed of. Each and every one of them gave their best. Congratulations to both coaches for a winning season and for excellent coaching as well as being great role models for our kids. There is always next year, unless you are a senior. There is always a little sadness when it is your last high school game. We will miss our senior players next year for sure.

I know I speak for all the parents and grandparents when I say how much we appreciated all the pictures Elane Crum took and posted to facebook for everyone to enjoy. I know from trying to take pictures at ballgames it is hard to catch good shots but she captured a lot of good action shots. My pictures always came out too dark to see when I took pictures at ballgames and I finally gave up trying. I know there was probably a better setting for my camera but I never could even understand most of the directions that came with it.

Birthdays for the coming week include: March 6: Dillon Gross; March7: Lori Burkhart, Ray Hurst; March 9: C.J. Badovinatz, Tyler Braden, Rex Clemans, Cletis Shortt, Dennis Whittaker; March 10: Joe Scott; March 11: Georgi Clark; March 12: John Day, Ethan Douglas.

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