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“For our God is a consuming fire.” Hebrews12:29 (ESV)

It’s hard to describe.  We just don’t have anything here on earth to compare it to.  At first, it’s a strange small heat right in the center of your chest.  It is noticeable, but easy to push out of your mind. But with every day it grows. It intensifies.  The small heat has sparked into a flame.  And like any fire, it continues to grow until it has consumed the object it is burning. Flames engulf its vessel and dart out from all sides.  The heat alone is so intense it has the ability to catch fire to anything nearby.  Before you know it, a wildfire has started!  As Christ-followers we are consumed by God’s Spirit, fueled by the desire and passion to see others saved, spreading and igniting that flame wherever we go.

This inextinguishable fire of the Holy Spirit is something Chris and I have been so honored to see erupt inside the hearts of so many recently.  In our children’s ministry the kids are learning how they can be disciples right here, right now, at this very place God has put them.  Each week we are witnessing in many of them this small flame growing and growing with an intensity to know God, to know Jesus.  But it’s not just the kids, its many of the adults to.  Every Sunday God delivers through Chris some pretty deep Bible teachings.  Not just the warm fuzzy stuff that lifts our spirits when we are at church, but the stuff that is hard to hear sometimes.  The stuff God wants us to learn so that we are challenged and forever changed for His good. And do you know people come back week after week, hungrier than the week before for God’s Word?!  Transformed a little more because of their growing relationship with Jesus.

Ava…a wildfire has ignited! God is doing great things and not just at Transformations Church. All around us, in churches all across the nation, we continue to hear how Jesus is radically changing lives! God is saying “For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?…” (Isaiah 43:19 NLT)

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