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“God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough. There are no boundaries to his greatness.” Psalm 145:3 MSG

“They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds, and I will declare your greatness”. Psalm 145:6 ESV

This morning Psalm 145 is so powerful to me. It is such an incredible praise to our Great God, our Mighty Father who has done more for me than I could ever write down or talk about. I could write you a hundred books and still not come close to expressing the intense love, adoration, passion, and gratefulness I have for Jesus.  He has rescued me from SO much. Saved my life.  Healed my heart.  Mended all my brokenness. Given me a hope and faith that is indescribable! He has made me new.

SO, I will try my hardest to share with you all I can.  God has told me that He will send me through the streets shouting His praises but barely speak above a whisper. That He will send me running down every street with His message but barely take a step…I believe writing this article is just what He was talking about.

Today, God is leading me to share with you part of my story. First, I was not raised in church.  I never stepped foot into one until meeting my husband.  I was 28 years old. I had NO understanding of God, didn’t know who this ‘Jesus Guy’ was and honestly I didn’t really care.  I thought all ‘religious people’ were frauds, liars, snobs and hypocrites who believed they were better than everyone else because they were ‘Christian’.  So I assumed the same of Jesus.  Surely He could never want me, I wasn’t good enough.  In my lifetime I had experienced every type of abuse that is out there. I had been in several really bad relationships with men.  I went through a severe battle of depression in my early 20’s due to an overwhelming guilt and hate I had for myself.  During my depression I tried to fill the emptiness with whatever I could to make me ‘feel’ happy. I tried to run away from the junk life kept throwing at me. For a short time drinking and experimenting with prescription drugs seemed to help…but that didn’t completely take away this deep ache of emptiness I had inside. It nagged at my soul constantly. I realized nothing I was doing was helping.  I couldn’t fix it. I needed something but didn’t know what.

A few years after this I met my husband Chris. We had been dating for about a month when he took me to church for the first time. I was terrified! But something happened that forever changed me.  I came face to face with JESUS!  I met JESUS! And in that very moment I realized what I was so desperate for, what was missing, what my soul ached for.  It was JESUS! I ran to Him with all I had and I haven’t stopped since.  Jesus has freed me from my shame, guilt, hate, hurt, brokenness, anguish and despair.  He loves with such an intense powerful love that it reaches down and pulls you out of whatever hell you may be in.  Because of Him, I am free.

So now, because I have experienced firsthand the Greatness of God, I am desperate for you to experience it too.  I hope each week, as God has me share with you the fascinating things He is doing in our church, that you have a face to face encounter with Jesus too. He can rescue you wherever you are…and from anything. He is just that awesome.

‘The Lord helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads.’ Psalm 145:14 NLT

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