We had strong winds Thursday and leaves from everywhere were in whirlwind motion, reminding us that springtime is often tornado weather. The snow put some moisture in the dry earth, but we need rain soon.

Maxine Shanerman had her 90th birthday on Jan. 18 celebrated at the Forest Park Club in Nixa with her nieces Jamie Shaw Campbell, Paula Shaw Bartalotia, Barbara Shaw and daughter Alicia, Tabby Kesner Swab and Joseph, Mary Alice and Delbert Rackley, Loretta Walker and Catherine Wade, Tom Grisham and lots of local people who came to help Maxine celebrate.

Jamie Campbell’s husband Tom was ill with Agent Orange from overseas duty sometime ago and passed away at age 65. His burial was at Greenlawn South in Springfield. Jamie’s son and wife live with her, Maxine said.

I surely appreciated Tim Campbell coming by to visit and while here he filled my bird feeders. And what a help that was!

Helen Conardy came out Saturday morning and as we talked later she was having a headache, which I hoped soon would be gone, but she had quite a time. She said on her way home about halfway to town that pain really intensified. Later I talked to her and she felt better.

Happy birthday to Ida Mae Huse on Feb. 25. And happy anniversary to Tim and Susan Campbell.

Best wishes to Robert Helms as he recuperates in Cox South Hospital. Also best wishes to Bob Arnett who is having heart bypasses Friday in Springfield.

The brush fires have been keeping the fire department workers very busy.

I talked with Kris Luebbert in Tillamook, Ore., the oyster capital. She’s there in Oregon with her granddaughter Alexis, and they are enjoying living there now.

Dustin and Stephanie Moody Tackitt are the parents of a new daughter, Sierra. She joins sisters Julianna and Jasmine.

My daughter Karen Davis, my granddaughter Dana Taylor and I were in Mountain Home Monday for my doctor appointment. We had lunch together and did some shopping.

It is now time to prune our crepe myrtle bushes and I have that chore ahead of me because I have several of them. And lots of leaf raking and yardwork to do (but no burning until the conditions improve).

My son Marlyn Pitcock came over Tuesday. He bought a load of wood from Dale Morrison and we visited Dale a short time.  Dale’s son Byron had cut up the firewood a couple of years ago after storms damaged the trees.