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As I wrote last week about early gardeners I’m guessing thoughts of outdoor activities have been put on hold. When it does get close to spring most everyone will get gardening fever.

An old spring tonic, sassafras tea, will get anyone in good shape if they like it and we are blessed with plenty of the sprouts in the Ozark. The tea concentrated is available in bottles.

I am appreciative for the deliveries of firewood I purchased the past week as they were out in snow with chainsaws cutting wood for several other people also. This should be a reminder this fall to get wood cut earlier, as we used to do. Wood heat is still the warmest for me with backup heaters of propane and electric heaters also.

Kris Luebbert will be gone back to Kansas this week after a few weeks here and soon will be making Oregon her home. She has helped her sister, Karen Davis, in their new place, sanding and varnishing the woodwork.

Sunday school was called off Sunday at Lilly Ridge, but church was open for anyone who could make it. The church driveway was icy.

This Monday morning was a snowy one with big snowflakes, intermittent with the sun shining through and proves we can express all kinds of weather in the coming weeks. The cold air is penetrating!

If weather permits the “Thank A Farmer” organization members will be at Town and Country Tuesday in Gainesville. There will be door prizes.

The Friendly Neighbors Extension Club meeting will be Thursday, weather permitting. Plans are to finish some quilts to donate to needy families and burn out victims.

I had a phone conversation with my nephew, Houston Aronis, in Springfield as he called recently. He is employed at 3M and has had several promotions through the years. His brother, Jonathan, visited me recently.

Marsha and Dean Lyon, at Dora area, have been busy with their calves coming in the cold weather. She recently saved a calf that nearly froze to death by taking it in their house to warm and feed.

Keith Davis and daughter, Jaycee, visited in the afternoon Sunday with Dave and Karen Davis. Also Kris Luebbert and Lisa Keller. Smokey Road, as well as other country roads had some slick spots. Treacherous times.

Hopefully news will be more plentiful for the coming week.

I appreciate all of our public service workers who keep our services going for our conveniences, in all kinds of weather. And Happy Valentine’s Day coming up Friday!

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