What a snowy Sunday, Feb. 2nd and the first we have had this winter besides a lighter one that soon melted. Our soil needs a lot of moisture for spring vegetation. Gardeners will soon get spring fever and want to get early planting done like lettuce, spinach and setting out onion sets.

Our church supported the Philippine typhoon relief fund in January.

Sympathy to all who lost loved ones recently.

Sympathy is expressed to Leslie Hicks, of West Plains, who lost two sisters recently. Hazel Hankes in California passed away in January and Faye Strong went to be with the Lord on Friday, January 31st at 6:30 p.m. Graveside services will be at 11:00 Tuesday morning at Oak Lawn Cemetery by Robertson Dargo Funeral Home for Faye. She was 96 years old and had been in the West Vue Nursing Home 13 years in a wheelchair.

Prayers are for Robert Helms in Select Specialty Hospital at 1630 E. Primrose, Springfield, MO 65804, for those who want to send him cards. His wife, Peggy, also needs our prayers and she is home, but visited her husband Saturday as her sister and friend took her.

The Derrick Alms family have built a new home on the former Carroll place, now Taber’s Farms, constructed by the Winrod Construction Company.

Wilbut Uchtman says he keeps busy putting out hay for his cattle.

His and Edna’s grandson, Will, has kept busy taking care of his chickens. He is 11 years old now and has an incubator where he is hatching out quail eggs.

Beverly Uchtman celebrated her birthday January 30th. Her sisters took her out to eat at the 870 Bistro Italian Restaurant in Mountain Home Saturday. They were Edna, Linda and Barb.

Happy Birthday to Allen Luebbert, my grandson, who has a Feb. 9th birthday.

Kris, who is spending a few weeks with me went to Forsyth visiting her brother, Marlyn and wife, Charlene. They attended a funeral together for a granddaughter’s friends funeral Saturday.

Thursday is Friendly Neighbors Extension Club, weather permitting, a good work day on getting some quilts done to donate.

Dana Taylor and Kris Luebbert helped sanding and varnishing at Dave and Karen’s home at Udall. They will soon be moving into it. Larry Davis and Ben Mitchell have done the carpenter work.

Larry is to have surgery at West Plains this week. Best wishes to him.

Granddaughter, Dana Taylor, not having any children, call me to tell me when I’m “grandma” again. Recently added to her herd are: Sparkle, Rosebud ( a rare red Dutch Galloway belted calf) and Abraham.

The calves names are well-thought of as in the case of Abraham. His mom, Annie had previously had two heifers; he was the first born son, therefore aquiring the name, Abraham.

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