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Sunday, February 9 was the Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, and the last Sunday in Epiphany according to our calendar.  Altar and vestment colors for Epiphany are green, the color of growth, as this season represents the growing years of Jesus and his showing forth to the world.  It is the duty of Christians to show Jesus to the world in ourselves.  Bishop Hartley based his sermon on the Gospel for the day, St. Matthew 13:24, the parable of the wheat and tares, in which Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a field sowed with good seeds by a sower, but an enemy sowed tares (or weeds) among the good seeds.  In this parable Jesus teaches us that in the world there are those who love God and those who do not and that there will always be evil in the world, but we are to live in it and deal with evil.  In this parable Jesus is the sower of good seeds and the field represents the world and the reapers are the angels.  Jesus also teaches us that there is no insulation from evil, but it is our obligation to be good in spite of that.

In announcements Bishop Hartley noted that March 2 will be our annual pancake dinner and vestry meeting.  We have hoped to restart our Wednesday services with Evening Prayer and Bible study, but the weather has prevented that and as it is snowing again today (Monday) we may not be able to do it this week either.  I think Mother Nature has us confused with Minnesota, or Canada, or someplace.

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